We have multiple pickup locations for coal and coke, and can arrange delivery for bulk orders. Happy building. The overall height of this forge is 53". Comparing that to Lowe's $5.99 for Royal Oak 15 lb. Brake Drum Forge. 10" to 16" (25 to 40cm) will work. Then on to the important work, building some good tools. Blacksmith’s Coal Firepot. They also have tutorials on making your own charcoal (lot of work), but I had good success with Cowboy Charcoal from Walmart when I couldn't get the real deal. It in turn was replaced by the forge in my portable shop trailer. We have rounded up 8 effective and efficient homemade forge plans for you to work around metal freely and easily. break the live wire feed to the fan, clip the feed to one end of the wire and attach the other clip to the wire a few inches along move the other, then move the clip along and watch to see the fan speed or slow depending in the direction you move it. 3. i would suggest for your air supply to use an old hair dryer! I could just buy one, but that's no fun. Over thousands of years of forging, these devices have evolved in one form or another as the essential features of this type of forge: 1. Very toxic. 2. Brake Drum ForgeCoal ForgeBlacksmith ForgeWork ToolsBlacksmithingMetal WorkingDrumsPicturesWelding. Working with metal is incomplete without having a blacksmith forge to make the metal submit to your will! The flange and the tee are both galvanized. Nuts and Bolts (sized to fit flange) 3 years ago, Use hardwood charcoal, they should sell it at most hardware stores. If you get lucky and live in the South, I think Alabama has a bituminous coal mine, so maybe you could scare some of that up at a reasonable price. 1. I will definitely need to get my air supply up and running soon. The small scale hobbyist smith coal forge, with upgrades soon to come. It's 'poor boy' resistance wire. A smoke shelf with a length from back wall of inside of hood to the front edge of the shelf is 4 inches long. Heating with carbon converts the oxide into zinc vapor at a much lower temperature (around 950°C). However, maybe there's one nearer you, or if you live anywhere it gets cold, it should be possible to find locally. You'll want to build an ash gate and clinker braker. Rumor has it it cokes better and you can cover the heart of the fire with it to protect your eyes from the glare. I know that I will not be able to resist tweaking this thing before to long, and I will be sure to add or update if I come up with anything wonderful. 5.5" outside diameter; 3.75" outlet diameter; 4.625 between hole centers (3/8" holes) must be bolted down; solid cast iron. 2 years ago. I haven't done this myself but you could also make your own charcoal. Welded blacksmithing coal firepot is use to forge the hammers, punches, tongs and other metal working operations. Happy making. Nipples (both close, and long) The main objection against a brake drum forge is the lack of a table around it and the depth of the drum. $10 for self service and there was no shortage of loose ones scattered about for the choosing. It's still used for home heating. you can also measure the resistance of the welding wire. A really simple way to slow a DC fan down is to get two crocodile / alligator clips and a length of stainless mig welding wire. The only decent looking wolf jaws I've been able to find cost more than my forge. hey nice project! T … Reply Read more. Basic Brake Drum Forge for Under $40. Took forever and three weeks (plus a little charcoal as a cheater) to get this guy started, but at least now I have some coke for an easier start next time around. Its a ford f350 brake drum attached to a cast iron pan with a few holes drilled for airflow from a hairdrier connected to a light dimmer for variable speed. Unless yo have a source for an inexpensive heavy duty rheostat I'd grab some blower motor speed control resistors and switches while at the salvage yard.. If you must use galvanized, the coating can be removed by soaking in a mild acid such as vinegar for several days and then mechanically stripping the outer layer. I do not have any kind of shelter for my workspace at the moment, so plenty of ventilation. A good forge hearth requires much more room to support the coal and coke that is placed in and around the fire. Firepot or hearth -- a place where the burning fuel can be contained over or against the tuyere opening. I learned the basics when I was a teenager on a coal forge so with that truck drum I looked around my garage and figured I could put one together with scrap materials I already have. Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). Edit...The floor flange and the air pipe were galvanized. People die from this. The most important thing is your air supply. You're not concerning yourself with air-tightness and heat containment. They make a pretty decent firepot but are not nearly as heavy as commercial firepots therefore will not last as long. You will need to cut a hole in the top that a small brake drum from a small car will slide into but not fall through (there is a lip on the brake drum). It looks great and he just started using it and tells us about it: It is 100% homemade. Part of my reason for choosing the 1" fittings was due to the convenient way that the pre drilled holes matched up on the flange and the shower strainer. Did you make this project? The blower from this forge was used to build a new forge that was poorly designed and too small. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Please paste your code into the box below: Note: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. I've seen that brand at Walmart and other places. The small scale hobbyist smith coal forge, with upgrades soon to come. If you look in the picture above it is directly below the tee fitting... Long nipples are ones where there is more unthreaded pipe in the middle, in the picture the one to the left of the tee is a long nipple... indeed. Reply 7 years ago The forge is what you’ll use to heat the metal that you’re working. I wanted to make another start, but did not have the money to invest in anything large scale. I'll try that! I spent many happy hours in my youth turning out dozens of leaf blade throwers hammered out of hydraulic lifters with a forge just like this and a scrap of I beam as an anvil. The last, and best was set in a steel table top. Tractor Supply Co., which claims to operate in 49 states may have a store close to you. Tuyere -- a pipe through which air can be forced into the fire 2. ..might even have a small market on that. Many features may not work properly without it. About Mountain Brook Forge Located just outside of White Salmon, Washington, Mountain Brook Forge is a provider of high quality blacksmithing coal and coke for the Northwest. id buy lol, 7 years ago As far as the heat problem, mine gets steel plenty hot. I ran the 6" nipple out the side of the tee for the future blower connection, and left the bottom open to let the finer ash and dust sift down under the forge. I probably spent more time eyeballing potential new projects than I did choosing a body for my forge. Make the connections with the #10 fasteners and tighten them up so that the brake drum is sandwiched between the flange and the strainer. Firepots can be installed into masonry or steel forges, and many models are suitable for farrier work.
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