Draconic Weapons have the restriction that they cannot be used at the same time as a Dark Opus Weapon, this makes them niche almost automatically due to the power of Dark Opus Weapons. I have provided some examples for each element, but my suggestions are not exhaustive and you may use whatever mainhand suits your purposes or needs. It is also a great weapon to include for Stamina based strategies as it provides 22.4% Normal Stamina (@slvl15); note that the Stamina skill is not boosted by Hades summon. For Omega/Magna Dark, the Cosmic Gauntlet is basically the only Cosmos to consider using (unless you are memeing), and is a decent grid choice if you have at least 6 total melee weapons (including the Cosmic). The standard summon combination is an Omega/Magna or Primal (e.g. At 4-star/slvl15 it provides 7% DA/TA (16.8% when boosted one Celeste Omega, 26.6% with two). The Scales of Dominion (aka Anubis Staff) have the potential to help you to reach the 20% grid cap for DMG Cap Up bonuses (if used with other DMG Cap Up weapons). The Abyss Spine can be removed for a Zwei Schaedel or Hollowsky Axe for strategies that do not utilize Charge Attacks, such as Luchador Triple Attack bursting (e.g. Not every grid must include an Atma/Ultima Weapon nor does your entire team have to share a weapon proficiency to warrant its inclusion. Once 4* and at least level 120, the 2nd skill slot is unlocked and can be filled with various keys similar to the Ultima Key of Ultima Weapons; this key also adds an effect to the weapon’s Charge Attack. The Strife Gauph Key (20% DA/TA) is normally the default choice, but setups can also utilize the Strength (Stamina) or Zeal (Enmity) keys. Players can go all in on Stamina or Enmity, or even a combination of the two, to create very powerful grids for different scenarios/fights. Here is the wiki page on Damage, of particular importance is the Formula section; the Weapon Skills page is also very useful. Meh, still don't know what Takeru made so special that other girls fell for him. [GBF] Testing Light's ULB Dark Opus Weapon with Element Key There are certain situations/setups that can properly take advantage of the Scales of Dominion; however, players need to understand when, where, why, and how to do so before trying to throw together a Highlander grid. Parazonium (Orchid’s unlock weapon) is a very good dagger mainhand; basically a GW dagger on steroids. However, If you want to explore Stamina strategies you will want one, as this is the only Omega Stamina skill other than Dark Opus. However, this is often not the most optimal choice for end game players, as the introduction of new weapons and uncaps of older weapons have made it harder and harder to justify and/or fit an Ultima into every grid. This grid provides Omega players with an alternate (i.e. The game has evolved such that there are many powerful options available. domain. At 4-star it provides 10% Cap Up for multiattacks if mainhand, at 5-star it provides the Cap Up even if not mainhand. The basic strategy is to deploy Nier’s World of Death and Love field effect and then use Death’s call effect to knock out Nier. Note for Space Whales or players looking to hyper specialize in Primal grids for one element: I highly recommend you find advice/discussion in more specialized communities. Sunya (Grand Weapon, Rei’s) has Big Progression and Medium Enmity. Like the new layout and further breakdowns, looking good. I am testing out a new format/style, please check it out.– Night mode switch added (its not perfect, but it at least gives you the option). I could definitely use input from anyone who wants to help improve this resource. They are still useful as grid filler, and are likely your best EX option if you do not have the Astral Weapon or weapon specialty synergy for Hollowksy Weapons. Yes, I just updated my Dark section. Dark Opus Weapon skill ups require Bahamut Weapon level fodder amounts, and its own fodder requirement tier after Slvl 15; check the wiki for more details the trade/uncap/skill/key information. The echo skill doesn’t stack so you only need one. According to Gamewith, the 2nd skill provides a sad 0.5% skill damage up BUT a very powerful skill damage cap up of 30%, combining this a skill cap up from either Ultima weapons or Dark Opus weapons would provide you a whooping 80% skill cap up, which further stacks with Damage Cap … Players can hold a maximum of six Ultima Weapons at one time (if you have obtained all of the extra Ultima Cores from events/trading). My calculations estimate that, at 95-100% HP, this grid is about as strong a standard enmity grid at 40-55% HP (in a vacuum; no buffs or characters considered). The first skill of Atma/Ultima Weapons can be customized using a Gauph Key and only effects characters with the respective weapon proficiency of the weapon itself (e.g. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Regarding the Katana of Renunciation (Dark Opus) and The Claws of Terror (Astral Weapon). The 10% HP cut usually isn’t a problem once you are strong enough to utilize the extra Cap Up. Zwei Schaedel has Big EX ATK (18% @ slvl15) and has a unique skill that provides 20% echo on the third hit of Triple Attacks. The Claws of Terror are also a good pick, due to the Counters on Damage buff, if the boss has a guaranteed multi-hit trigger; conveniently, the Unite and Fight Extreme+ bosses have a guaranteed multi-hit trigger. Seox’s 1st skill). Therefore, the best use (i.e. The first weapon stage is called Atma.Atma and Ultima weapon skills can be customized with Gauph Keys after its … This weapon is generally not used very often any more, as the Trium skill loses its value when your characters have guaranteed multiattacks (most common source is Death’s call), but it might be useful for setups that don’t have guaranteed multiattacks. gbf astral weapons. Hermanubis is an axe with a Charge Attack that provides 30% DA/TA to your entire party for 3.5 turns when 4-star (2.5 turns if not). Zooey’s conjunction skill is used to drop to 1HP and, due to Unfinished business, your MC, 2nd slot character, and 3rd slot character will stay at 1HP. Currently, their main use is as mainhands. Consider an Atma/Ultima Weapon if your team consists of characters that share weapon specialties in order to benefit from a Gauph Key. That being said, you may be able to increase your strength if you can field a team that synergizes with a Hollowsky weapon. It is boostable by Hades, which means it can give up to 36% Dark Elemental ATK with one Hades and 57% with two Hades. Supplemental Damage can be utilized as another way to exceed the regular damage cap and has the potential to be a strong addition to any grid; it synergizes very well with echos as the bonus dmg will apply separately to the base autos and each instance of echo. Xeno weapons were the original “highest EX ATK modifier weapons” (23% @ slvl15) but have fallen out of favour in most grids due to newer weapons being stronger. This is new layout is amazing bless you danchou and pooky It’s nice to see a new look on this site. Boosted by a single Hades, one Axe provides 28.8% Crit Chance, and with double Hades it provides 45.6% Crit Chance. Just like at 3*, the 4* Dark Opus Weapons are equivalent to 4* Big ATK weapons. However, the materials/resources required to complete an Ultima Weapon is considerably high for the average player; make sure to plan out what type and element your Atma/Ultima(s) will be! Also remember that the Unchallenged buff from Zooey’s Conjunction normally protects you from everything…except plain damage. Atma/Ultima Weapons are capable of bolstering your grids with extra cap up and power. Each weapon begins at 3* and comes with the base skill of Big Majesty (15% ATK/HP @ Slvl 10). That being said, you can still find good use for Ultima Weapons; in particular, if/when you are looking to take advantage of more than one damage cap up key or if you have fully/almost fully shared weapon proficiencies and the Ultima weapon provides you with DA/TA, Stamina, or Enmity that your setup needs. Dagger of Bahamut Coda applies to only Humans and Erunes). A Stamina pendulum on a 5-star Dark Opus is very important for reducing the amount of skills required to kill the Extreme+ boss. All grids are presented under the assumption of being used with Elemental Advantage. Loving the upgrade to the Dark section! The CA Cap Up caps at 30% like other Sentence weapons, so the maximum amount of Unheils you’d likely want to use is two. Incorporating Elemental Attack buff(s) into this setup (via your mainhand, characters, or summon calls) will provide a large damage boost, but it can still perform decently without any.This grid is quite rigid in its weapon choices. GBF 3500. Claws are good because they have two Omega damage mods (ATK and Enmity) that are multiplicative with each other and are boosted by Celeste Omega summon(s). It is a bit tricker here however, considering those weapons are not the commonly used Omega/Magna weapons; rather, the Medium ATK and Small Enmity weapons are used: Tiamat Bolt Omega and Celeste Claw Omega. These weapons are not very good until 5-star and require a large investment to get to max level/slvl. Its Charge Attack gives your party a 30% DA/TA and 15% echo buff. Each element will have 2 weapons (1 Normal mod and 1 Magna mod). At slvl15, Big Progression skill provides 1.2% Dark Elemental ATK per turn, up to 15%. If you can Cap, the Cap Up option should be more useful than the Counter skill of the Katana. Having this as your Main or AUX weapon allows you to choose a key for your Dark Opus other than the Charge Burst Cap Up pendulum (which also provides 10% Charge Bar) as the 10% Charge Bar is key for setups to get a Full Chain with minimal skill usage. Medium Normal Majesty (ATK/HP)Excelsior (CA Cap Up). The stat boost applies to the bonuses from pluses, so they get stronger if you add pluses to the boosted weapon type. Above are the unmarked stats, bullet load and skills associated with the new weapon from Xeno Corow. GBF HL rank 181 10 Juuten ( 2FLB sarasa, six ) Skin Conqueror 4 Evoker ( Borgar , Nier , Lobe , Caim ) seraph flb light & dark slvl15 1 flb opus (dark primal ) 3 zodiac 163 SSR char Current crystal : 61397 Current Gold Moon : 131 potential primal varuna : 2 flb drang ball galilei *0 titan : flb ak4 Medium Omega ATKMedium Omega Restraint (DA/Crit). They are good at 4-star, but even better at 5-star (you probably wont need more than 4 5-star claws). Qilin Sword is another good Chrysaor mainhand, as its CA applies 15% Dark Def Down to your target, which will boost the rest of your team’s damage. This weapon has potential if your MC is looking to wield a gun for non-Mechanic use. For Dark, when comparing the Dark Opus to Abyss Gaze on motocal, it also loses in damage (even if we remove the DA portion of its skills), however the Dark Opus does not rely on Crit. Colossus Omega or Agni) paired with an Elemental (e.g. Dagger of Bahamut Coda skills apply to Humans and Erunes); note that your MC and Primal/”Other” characters can benefit from any Bahamut Weapon. The Abyss Spine also has Medium Omega Majesty (boost to ATK and HP), and therefore you can consider using additional Abyss Spines if you need more HP. For Wind and Dark, if you are using Tiamat Gauntlet Omega or Celeste Zaghnal Omega, it is that same as for Fire and Water, the Dark Opus Weapons have higher base attack and offer the same ATK skill so they are automatic replacements. Some suggested Primal Gacha weapons are regular Character/Gacha weapons and not Grand/Moon weapons, but are either very strong or fill a particular niche.

For raw power comparison, a 4* Ygg Sword is 18% and 5* Ygg Sword is 20%. Pooky's GBF Weapon Grid Resource. If you have any suggestions/input/criticisms for this guide please find a way to voice your opinion; leave a comment here or attempt to reach me on a discord server. Whoa. – M1 Weapons are considered to be at least 4*, it will be noted if 5*’s make a difference in grid composition or important %HP thresholds.– M2 Weapons generally must be 4* before they become usable/optimal over M1 Weapons.– Dark Opus Weapons are assumed to be at least 4*.– Unless otherwise stated, all other weapons are assumed to be at their maximum level cap, level, and skill level. At 4-star it provides a 1k drain to your party for 2.5 turns, it also gives your MC stacking CA DMG/CAP Up. The Supplemental DMG bonus appears to stack up to 1mil, so you can utilize up to two. Bahamut Weapons are the default Normal ATK weapons to include in Omega/Magna grids as they provide very large base Normal ATK and HP modifiers (32% ATK and 18% HP @slvl15). Out of the Dark Beast Weapons, I would recommend getting Qilin Bow first, then Qilin Sword. Having one 4-star will help you achieve setups capable of quickly farming of event raids. It's pop culture on steroids. However, in some cases double Omega/Magna or double Primal summons are optimal/preferred; your grid and/or overall setup usually needs to hit some kind of threshold before it becomes optimal.

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