MG-35633. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at FREE Shipping. The Monument Grills offers flat 55% OFF site wide discounts for all orders for certain days, using Monument Grills Coupon or Coupon Codes. At the same time, press and hold gas connections. 1. Prendre la tige d’allumage manuel. 1. Model 35633 Parts List seq. ADVERTENCIA Lea este Manual del Usuario atentamente y asegúrese de que su parrilla a gas esté correctamente montada, instalada, y mantenida. Inspectez les avaries sur chaque brûleur (craquelures ou trous) et au cas où vous en trouvez, commandez et installez un nouveau brûleur. Features. Luego ponga la parte No.45 en los agujeros que le corresponden y atorníllelos bien. Tutorial for how to set up the igniter, led lights, and side burners for all models of Monument Grill. 7.1) Ilustr. 4x B Vissez bien la carrosserie du gril et le chariot avec quatre vis B. Compare; Find My Store. 35633; 38667; 77352 ==> Click here for complete list of Monument Grills models. Download the pdf of the Monument Manual below. Most of these functionalities are generally included with more expensive gas grills that would cost an average user a pretty penny. Please allow 2-3 days processing time in addition to the shipping time on your order. Published November 14, 2018 at 400 × 400 in Monument Gas Grill 6 Models, Parts And Accessories Reviews ← Previous / Next → Thermos Gas & Propane Grills (BBQ) & Parts For Sale Reviews; Dyna-Glo Gas-Propane Grills & Parts Reviews(2-3-4-5 Burner) Monument Gas Grill 6 Models, Parts And Accessories Reviews; Gas & Propane Grill … appellation NO. Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family this season cooking on the rugged stainless steel propane gas Model #13892. Model #35633 Format 72000BU. Figure 1 Half screw out the screws in the bottom plate, then put Part No.35 and Part No.40 onto the relevant screw holes and screw tightly. 97. 12.1 Ilustr. Use a soft brush to remove stubborn burnt-on cooking residue. Placez la pièce C dans le trou correspondant à l'intérieur de la plaque inférieur. Figure 3 Half screw out the screws in the bottom and side plates, then put Part No.45 onto the relevant screw holes and screw tightly. Safety Precautions A tank of approximately 12 inches in diameter by 181/2 inches high is the maximum size LP gas tank to use. Connecting LP Gas Tank to LP Grill 1. 00. To light burners, push and turn burner knob (s) 3. 3. Inserte un fósforo en la vara de encendido. 5. 15.2 PASO 16 4x A C C 1) 2) 3) 4) Monte la partes No.50 en la parte No.51 con tornillos A. Item #1422188 Model #35633. Assembly Instructions Please insert Part No.47 into the bottom plate. Check Other Stores closed . The Monument grill has 4 main stainless steel burners, 1 ceramic side burner and 1 sear burner with a total of 72,000 BTUs of cooking power. Le nonrespect de ces consignes risque d’entraîner des blessures corporelles graves. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury and/or property damage. No one tests grills like we do. 2. Insert Part No.72, Part No.31, Part No.32 and Part No.33 as the figure shows. • Open Grill Lid. Wrap tightly in heavy duty foil. Has Side Shelf: Y. BTU: 99000 BTU . Description. (Figure 13.2) 3. 41847NG Owner's Manual: 77352 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless with LED Controls, Rotisserie Kit and Side Burner. Light the match and extend the lighting stick to cooking grid surface. Utilisez le boulon de la bonbonne pour attacher la bonbonne dans une position fixe (Fig.22). 16. Regardless of which burner cleaning procedure you use, we recommend you also complete the following steps to help prolong burner life. 4.4 out of 5 stars 156 ratings. WARNING Warranty------------------------------------------------2 Safety Precautions--------------------------------2~4 Hardware List------------------------------------------5 Parts Diagram -----------------------------------------6 Parts List------------------------------------------------7 Assembly Instructions---------------------------8~18 Lighting Instructions----------------------------18~20 Cleaning and Maintenance-------------------21~22 Troubleshooting----. 16.1) Ponga la parte C en el agujero que le corresponde en el panel del fondo. 4x B Screw the grill body and the cart tightly with four B screws. 12.2 13 2) Atornille bien la parte No.67 con tornillo B y separador D dentro del armazón Ilustr. Make sure the tank valve is in OFF position.(Fig.22). Shop gas grills and a variety of outdoors products online at Compared to a similar grill, Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill, the Monument 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill has a few more features, plus more cooking space. The Monument grills are manufactured by a factory owned by one of the partners, John Yu. Use Current Location. No se incline sobre el área de cocción durante el uso de la parrilla. The Monument Grills Natural Gas Conversion Kit helps you easily convert your dual-gas valve grill from propane to natural gas. The side shelves, lid, and doors are all made with 430-grade stainless steel, which has an excellent heat-resistant and good corrosion-resistant ability. INSTRUCTIONS D’ASSEMBLAGE & MODE D’EMPLOI Barbecue à gaz propane liquide • Pièces • Assemblage • Règles de sécurité • Utilisation et entretien • Dépannage ! Failure to immediately follow the steps listed below could result in a fire or explosion that could cause serious bodily injury, death, or property damage. 8.1 11 2) Atornille bien la parte No.25 con tornillo B y separador D dentro del armazón. Figure 12.1 Figure 12.2 Figure 12. 2. Grill Lid or any other grill parts while the grill is in operation, or until the grill has cooled down after use. (Figure 7.1) Figure 7.2 Figure 7.1 2x B 2x D 1.Half screw out the three big screws outside the grill body, then put Part No.25 onto the relevant screw holes and screw tightly. Aplique la solución jabonosa con un pincel limpio a todas las conexiones de gas. I've had mine for 2 weeks and have had NO issues. Coloque la parte No.2 parte 3 en la tapa principal. 1. 4x B Install Part No.38 onto the relevant place with four B screws. appellation NO. 8. PASO 9 1. Inserte la parte No.27 como muestra la figura. Insert the wire as the figure shows. 6 stainless steel main burners, 1 stainless steel side burner, and 1 stainless steel ceramic sear side burner with 96,000 total BTUs to deliver powerful heat and performance; 900.3 sq in. Inserte el alambre de la parte No.23. No importa qué procedimiento de limpieza use para el quemador, le recomendamos que siga todos los pasos siguientes para ayudar a prolongar la vida del quemador. • Fermez le gaz au niveau du barbecue. Verify your Monument Grills model number. Ilustr. PASO 19 1 2 Conecte la parte No.54 a la parte No.41. It has 513 square inches of primary cooking area, 210 square inches of warming rack cooking area plus a side burner. ratings 1 Question 1 Question questions. Save 20% Off Monument Grills 77353 Stainless Steel 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill With Led Controls And Side Burner Coupon Code for Orders Above $60 SHOW DEAL 20% OFF Allumer votre barbecue avec une allumette 1. Grill Cooking Chart FOOD Weight or thickness Temperature Time Special instructions and tips Vegetables NA Medium 8 to 20 minutes Slice or chop vegetables and dot with butter or margarine. Vous pouvez utiliser une éponge ou une brosse douce pour nettoyer vos grilles de cuisson. 24633 Owner's Manual: 35633 4-Burner Propane Grill, SS, ClearView, LED Controls, Side & Sear Burners. Insérez la pièce No.27 tel qu’indiqué à la figure. The conversion kit includes hardware and tools for installation. Grill turning occassionally. The company only has six models to choose from. 16.2) Ponga la parte No.51 en la parte C. (Ilustr. (Ilustr.13.1/Ilustr.13.2) Ilustr. 17.1) 2) Ponga la parte No.15 adentro de la parte No.14. You must use an OPD gas tank which offers an Overfill Prevention Device. This gas grill is intended for outdoor use only and is not intended to be installed in or on recreational vehicles or boats. be the first! Get Pricing and Availability. Insérez la pièce No.30, la pièce No.31, la pièce No.32 et la pièce No.33 tel qu’indiqué à la figure. Enlevez la vis sur le boulon de la bonbonne & ôtez la rondelle. (Figure 13.1/Figure 13.2) Figure 13.1 Figure 13.2 Placez la pièce No. Building the Monument The Monument Gas Grill Clearview Lid 4-Burner comes with an instruction manual filled with all the necessary details you need to know. Connección del Tanque de gas de PL a la parrilla de PL 1.coloque el anillo del pie del tanque de 20 lb en el agujero del panel inferior. Inspeccione la válvula del tanque para asegurar que tenga las roscas externas adecuadas para encajar el conjunto suministrado de manguera y regulador. 66 sous le brûleur latéral. 48 onto the bottom plate. Save 5% every day with RedCard. Insérez le fil de la pièce No.23. Based on our industry experience we knew that we could deliver better performance, and more features at a price that more customers could afford.
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