If you want to use paper as a substrate to save money, try shredding it to pieces to create bedding that allows your snake to burrow. Wood mulch (as well as cypress) is very popular choice for many gardeners: it is cheap, lightweight, organic and easily accessible. Cypress mulch is the most versatile type of bedding, being suitable for a wide range of situations depending on just how much water you regularly add to it. Cypress Mulch: Cypress Mulch is another attractive option for your snake habitat, especially if you favor more natural-looking substrates. You can easily buy aspen shavings at Amazon, Chewy or pet stores since they're a popular bedding type for many different types of pets, including pocket pets like rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs. its a little bit pricey but the snake isn't injured by it. However, its appearance does diminish after repeated washings. Back. But it has drawbacks as well. Pretty sure a bunch of users … Cypress mulch; Aspen shavings; Reptile Carpet; However, not all wood and substrates work. Join Date: Jul 2010. Plus they may stain your snake scales. Snakes make good pets as long as you choose a suitable type for your experience level and select a healthy reptile. As well as it holding water incredibly well, the fact that it packs loosely means that it also evaporates well and helps to prevent it from being over saturated for too long. 4. They can be removed when soiled and easily replaced with fresh paper towels. 4. Just be sure that you bake the mulch for around 30 minutes to make sure there are no hiding insects or mites that could … Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. The best things to use for this are pulverized coconut husks, cypress mulch, or a mixture of both. Product Options. User account menu. Zoo Meds Forest Floor is a natural cypress mulch substrate. Close. Cypress Mulch: The Good, The Bad, and The Alternative. In Stock . Location: Bend, Oregon. Zoo Meds Forest Floor is a natural cypress mulch substrate. Has or does anyone buy there bedding from lowes or home depot and do you treat in any kind of way? Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Coconut fiber helps break down waste and is easy to clean. It's attractive and has a pleasant but not overwhelming smell. I've never had any mite problems do to the bedding. Another benefit of this snake substrate is that it holds its moisture. Has or does anyone buy there bedding from lowes or home depot and do you treat in any kind of way? Ingested sand causes impaction and grains of sand can get under the snake's scales. Cypress mulch is any mulch made from the wood of bald cypress or pond cypress trees. Cypress is ok for all snakes besides water snakes obviously. The Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is a popular choice on Amazon because you can easily find and scoop out snake poop. It provides your terrarium with a natural "forest floor" look while retaining moisture to provide humidity to the enclosure. If a substrate gives off odors, has been treated with toxic chemicals or causes a risk for ingestion or impaction, it’s a bad option. As of this writing date no more snakes. Cypress mulch is good if you have live plants inside your vivarium. $7.99 . I use keepers choice cypress mulch. Corn snakes need an outside source of heat. Several factors make cat litter unsafe for snakes. The evaporation process is what helps to increase the humidity level. Some people are intrigued by them, and others are seized by an overwhelming urge to kill them. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Cypress mulch is a comfortable substrate for snakes. It's also durable and lasts a long time, although its appearance deteriorates from repeated washing. Which Mulch Is Best for Repelling Bugs?. However, most newspapers are printed using organic pigments. Cypress mulch is a good choice, but they do tend to hold on to a lot of humidity.
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