They have always operated with a simple mission: to make the BEST possible knives with the goal to attain and maintain extremely high-quality knives throughout the evolution of growth and change. Using the best materials and made in the USA, Microtech Knives has few competitors. For example, the ZT0562CF is worth a lot more in M390. This steel along with M390 is effectively the best possible metal currently available to use as edged tools. For maximum edge retention, go CTS 204P. It all began with a sketch on a piece of paper over 25 years ago. Blade: Equipped with a brilliant two-tone black/satin finish, the Tanto point has a plain standard cutting edge. CTS 204P is a premium stainless steel that offers high performance, and the closest equivalents I can think of would be the two following steels; M390 from @Bohler and the CPM 20CV from @Crucible, they are premium steels with close chemical composition and both contribute in making high-end knives (with a little differences in edge retention, hardness, and toughness). Microtech Combat Troodon OTF Automatic Knife Tan 3.8" 204P S/E Black Drop Point 143-1TA Microtech Knives. Since there seems to be a somewhat unexplained difference in performance (except maybe more metal behind the cutting edge), I tested my S90V Millie (usually a drawer queen). After researching this particular O.T.F. HANDLE MATERIAL 6061 T6 Aluminum. Edge retention seems comparable to M390...but it just seems to have more bite even though it would no longer slice phone book paper cleanly. We use nothing but the highest rated premium metals, carbon fiber, aluminum, plastics, and other project-specific materials. I think most of us would have a hard time telling much difference in any of them. All of our knife blades are made of either CTS-204P, M390, Elmax, or CTS-XHP. CTS-204P(Carpenter) - Carpenter's equivalent of Bohler-Uddeholm M390 steel and Latrobe Duratech 20CV steel.Slightly more Tungsten(W) 0.65% instead of 0.60% in other two. It is slightly better at retaining an edge than S35VN, but it is as expensive as M390. This version has a Blue contoured handle with black hardware and Tanto-style CTS-204P blade. microtech ultratech otf automatic knife tan s/e 3.4" 204p satin 121-4ta A coworker recently showed me his new Microtech Dirac Delta D/E OTF knife and I was so blown away with the quality I decided to retire my Schrade Extreme Automatic that I'd carried for the last 15 years. Spyderco M390 compared with Microtech CTS-204P Discussion in ' Knife Reviews & Testing ' started by Gunsnknives , Aug 1, 2012 . Never used, carried or sharpened. It did not do quite as well as S110V or LC200N. S90V demonstrated no edge damage, like the PM2 in M390. We select blade steels for knives based on availability. Aug 21, 2017 - CTS 204P are the one kinds of best knife steel in knife industry.And the comprasion of cts 204p vs m390 steel.Deaits in which is the best supersteel. I am wondering if the better edge retention and micro chipping may be an indication of a hardness difference. After the initial drawing concept, we move to our engineering department for precise 3D models with flawless specifications. Our pride runs deep in the materials we choose to deliver a perfect knife. As for the manufacturing process, Carpenter's gen 2 process should produce as fine powder as Bohler-Uddeholm's Gen 3 PM does. Thanks to Josh Warren and Alex K for becoming Knife Steel Nerds Patreon supporters! CTS-204P is an ultra premium steel manufactured in Philadelphia, PA. We carefully chose this steel to complete our mission of producing a 100% American made masterpiece for the majority of our knives., For 2020, one of our main go to steels is Carpenter CTS-204P. M390 vs 20CV vs 204P – 3rd Generation Powder Metallurgy Technology? It features CTS-204P steel blade It’s a steel that’s well regarded as today’s most well rounded higher end steel. S35VN is a great steel, but it is in my mind inferior to M390/ 20cv/204p. American-made CTS-204P is the close equivalent to Bohler- Uddeholm M390. If you like a well rounded steel, Elmax is your best bet. With significant amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Tungsten, these steels are 100% ready for action. The process of our knives still starts with several initial mock-ups before approval. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! M390 isn’t all that bad to sharpen though, so I wouldn’t let this be the deciding factor. Microtech UTX85 (232-1 in 204P Steel) At These steels are essentially identical, just made by different companies. M390. I have owned and used a CPM-20CV Mini Griptilian for a few years and have loved every second with that steel. CTS-204P. Microtech knives are the pinnacle of edged tools so they are relatively expensive, ... At current, the best blade steels available are Bohler M390 and Carpenter CTS-204P, this Dirac is made from the latter. I’m happy to say the same about this 204P-laden Ultratech! Microtech Troodon OTF S/E Auto (Two-Tone) 139-1VI $ 385.00 Sold Out. M390 vs 20CV vs 204P – 3rd Generation Powder Metallurgy Technology? We never sacrifice quality for cost. UPC: ... As the flagship model of the Microtech® O.T.F. A friend of mine tested Para 2 S35VN and Socom Elite in the same steel on manila rope. In my corrosion resistance testing, M390 scored very well (I tested CTS-204P), better than S30V, S35VN, S90V, and SG2, and probably a bit better than S45VN. Overall it’s a popular choice thanks to its high wear and corrosion resistance, it’s premium steel and because of that its a great pick for high end or limited-edition knives. I'm sure this question has been answered somewhere, just wondering … It’s got decent toughness, great wear resistance, very good stainless properties, and sharpens fairly easily, assuming you’re using the proper sharpening mediums (diamond based stones). $495.00 (Earn 1485 Reward Points) ... Microtech Combat Troodon OTF Automatic Knife S/E 3.8" M390 Satin Drop Point 143-5. For those making knives, M390 has been noted to be considerably harder to temper. Full line of Microtech Automatic knives, Microtech Ultratech, microtech Combat Troodon, Microtech UTX-85, Microtech halo V, Microtech UTX-70 Microtech in stock. Edge retention testing is continuing, we have now tested 18 different steels, and four of those steels with multiple heat treatments. View cart. It holds an edge about 1/2 to 2/3 as long as M390… ... (3.125" Black 204P) 233-1T $ 257.00 Sold Out. They designed the ergonomic chassis with curved lines similar to the H.A.L.O. Thank you for the test. Microtech 121-1 PU Ultratech S/E Standard Purple/Black 204P Microtech. Para 2 did 130 cuts before it refused to cut paper, MT did 200 cuts. Our engineering team works hard to assure the production of the knife runs as smooth as possible. Edge retention testing is continuing, we have now tested 18 different steels, and four of those steels with multiple heat treatments. From specs, they seem to be almost exactly the same steel. Each knife is built by hand after it leaves the machining process. Learn about the materials, design process, and manufacturing of MICROTECH® KNIVES. We also offer sharpening services! The original SOCOM has remained a highly popular folding knife since its inception in 1996. lineup, ... *Blade steel for 2020 will be Carpenter CTS 204 P / Carpenter XHP / Bohler M390 / Bohler ELMAX® , message us for steel type! M390 is an awesome steel– It’s one of the most commonly used “supersteels” out there. CTS-204P is an ultra premium steel manufactured in Philadelphia, PA. We carefully chose this steel to complete our mission of producing a 100% American made masterpiece for the majority of our knives.. After the materials are selected, we start the creation process through assembly by hard working Americans. The Microtech 232-10 UTX-85 features a black handle, and a double edge dagger M390 or CTS-204P steel blade with a stonewash finish. Vanax would also be expected to have superior corrosion resistance though M390 is likely better than Elmax. Free shipping $50 & up! Day by day, we improve our methods and make sure each product leaves the factory with the very best quality. I've read that M390 and 204P should be the same, and 20CP and S90V should be the same, with 20CP/S90V being a bit better in edge retention than 204P/M390. ). The Tanto has a refined point and is built from high performance CTS-204P (American M390) steel. The SOCOM Elite® Manual sets the standard for tactical/utility cutlery. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Bohler M390, CTS-204P, and CPM-20CV are all essentially the same steel and sport a near identical composition. Over the years we have used various top-shelf materials for our prototype, custom, and core products. Brand new directly from Microtech Knives, USA. For the this generation of the UMS Ultratech, they use CTS-204P. Tests show that M390 steel is slightly superior to ELMAX in edge retention/wear resistance, having scored a 958.6 on the CATRA TCC test- as opposed to ELMAX's 930.7. Microtech Knives remains one of the best manufacturer of quality automatic knives. March 30, 2020 Larrin. As mentioned before, the blade features a 204p composition, which is very similar to M390 and 20CV. Microtech Exocet Champagne Gold Black 204P Plain Double Edge CA Legal OTF Auto 157-1CG In Stock Model # MT-157-1CG-204P From cutting with M390 (and CTS-204P) to S90V, I get the feeling that S90V will keep a working edge for a VERY LONG time. Very interesting, but I expected Carpenter's steel to be superior. The Dirac is Microtech's first double action knife with a cover firing slider. CTS-204P, Bohler M390, and CPM-20CV are essentially the same steels, just made by different companies. We now boast 100% American built in-house. Microtech TROODON Red D/E 138-1RD Discussion in 'Knife Reviews & Testing' started by Gunsnknives, Aug 1, 2012. Source: Knife Steel Nerds. The knives are created with close tolerances and exacting dimensions to ensure the ultimate precision tool. Microtech Knives | 225-1 Dirac D/E - Black Blade - Black Handle.
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