Refer to photos. There were times during fast exchanges at the net that I found the tip of the racquet lagging somewhat, which is likely due to me being used to racquets that are around 7-8 points headlight. I found this to be one of my favorite racquets to return with, especially on my backhand side. "I loved the previous version of this racquet, but my groundstrokes didn't feel quite as dialed in with this update. Summary With the Blade 98 18x20 Countervail, Wilson adds another impressive chapter to the Blade racquet family. Judging from the scores and comments of our crew, the new Blade 98 18x20 Countervail delivers on its promise to provide a dampened, low vibration feel. ", This racquet's dense pattern proved a bit of a hindrance for Mark when serving. Wilson Burn 95 Countervail 4 1/2 (Tennis Racquet) $100 2-Wilson T-2000 & 1-Wilson T-3000 TENNIS RACQUETS $40 takes all 3 (Newport Beach) $40 Wilson Countervail … The racquet also felt very comfortable when set up that way. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Please ask all questions prior to purchase as all sales are final unless the description is grossly misrepresented. With its wonderfully solid feel and controlled delivery, the majority of our team had a positive experience with the Blade 98 18x20 Countervail from the back court. I am happy enough with it to where I would take the time to modify it a little. Wilson Match III Backpack Tennis Bag, Green/Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 7. I could block back big first serves, knowing that the racquet would win the collision and I could find my intended targets consistently. ", Andy - "I've been a big fan of the Blade line in the past, but unfortunately I think this iteration takes a step backward in terms of performance. Here’s how the Blade Countervail 16x19 Black stacked up when I put it through the test. Wilson also adds in Parallel Drilling for improved comfort and power production. Originally launched in 2006 with the nCode version, the Blade 98 18x20 has evolved through many technological updates and composition tweaks. ", Troy - "The standout feature was control, which gave me trust in where the ball was going to land. The healthy swingweight packed a punch, resulting in good pace on my serves. FREE Shipping. I could react well and punch away volleys. The moment I made contact with the ball I noticed a very solid and precise feel, and I never looked back from there. It has good stability for its maneuverable 11.3 oz weight. Backhand slices felt smooth, and I could keep the ball low and deep, near the server's feet. Jason - "The Burn 100 Countervail is similar to the Wilson Ultra 100, but with more power and the feel of the Blade 98 Countervail." $109.03 $ 109. My touch volleys were working well, and I felt pretty dialed in when looking to softly caress a volley. This is the most I've ever enjoyed a Blade 98. I felt confident enough to keep my swing speeds up and that enabled me to find the spin I wanted. He said, "I found a good blend of power and control with this racquet on serve. Although control is very good with this racquet, it isn't quite at the level of my old Wilson Six.One 95 (18x20). This racquet's precision allowed me to hit my targets. I wasn't getting as much spin and kick as I do with a more open string pattern, but I like that I can really attack the kick serve with a lot of racquet head speed and still maintain good control. That said, I might apply a thinner gauge string to see what sort of a difference that would make in terms of gripping the ball, but overall, this was the part of my game that was most challenged. Ball impact felt very solid on my backhand slice, and the dense string pattern gave me the control and confidence to drive the ball deep. I also felt comfortable feathering a drop volley or hitting deep into the court. I didn't feel like I could catch up to hard hit shots from my opponents that easily, and I often found myself late. Technology surrounds this bold packback with Countervail technology and Thermoguard and fleece lined pockets so this valuable tennis bag can last … Wilson Junior Tennis Bags Wilson carries several lines of bags that are used by both advanced and beginner players alike.
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